Secretarial Compliance

Companies Act

The Companies Act 2013 is an Act of the Parliament of India on Indian company law which regulates incorporation of a company, responsibilities of a company, directors, dissolution of a company. The 2013 Act is divided into 29 chapters containing 470 sections as against 658 Sections in the Companies Act, 1956 and has 7 schedules. The Act came into force on 12 September 2013 with few changes like earlier private companies maximum number of members were 50 and now it will be 200. A new term of "one-person company" is included in this act that will be a private company and with only 98 provisions of the Act notified

Labour Laws

Labour law is the area of law most commonly relating to the relationship between trade unions, employers and the government. While the development of the field in different jurisdictions has resulted in different specific meanings of what is meant by labour law, it is generally used in reference to employment contexts that involve a trade union, while the term employment law is usually used for workplaces where the legal relationship is directly between the employer and the employee. While in some jurisdictions the term may be used to refer to such law that may not involve trade unions, the genesis of the term is historically inseparable and begins with the labour union movements.